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New Hotel Boat for 2022 – Star Trips Enterprise!

Star TripsThese are the (early) voyages of the Star Trips Enterprise. To explore strange new canals. To seek out new adventures and to boldly go where this hotel narrowboat has never been before.….

Seriously though, Star Trips’ crew have seen considerable interest in their brand new hotel narrow boat whilst out on trials on the Cut.

“We are surprised and pleased by the number of enquiries we are receiving from the the public, many of whom want to know more about narrowboat hotels generally and specifically about what makes our hotel narrowboat special.

Our boat is special. We have designed it to allow for maximum comfort. At 65’ long, there is plenty of space for our guests and we only cruise with one couple at a time so that makes it an exclusive experience.”

Star Trips certainly looks the part with her eye-catching paintwork and modern facilities so we’re sure the public will soon be asking to be teleported aboard or at the very least completing the booking form on The Star Trips website.