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Hotelboat pioneer taking the Bywater tiller again

Baywater HolidaysStephen Rees Jones, who has been hotelboating for 50 years and set up Bywater Holidays many years ago, has been back helping out the current owners.

Steve has been helping Bywater’s Rosie Cannon and Brian Skelton work their boats along the canals on several cruises this year, and keeping guests safe and happy with his expertise and his warm and cheerful personality.

He set up the Bywater Company, which his daughter, Hanna, took as the name for the hotelboating company which Rosie and Brian bought from her and her partner 3 years ago. A photo of Steve bow hauling his boat is featured in the famous Precious Cargo book by Robert Smithett about the history of hotelboating, and that’s him on the left above.