Hotel Boat Cruises on the Midland canals and rivers

The Midland canals form a tight knot of interconnected waterways right in the Heart of England. There are enormous contrasts, from the once industrial arteries of Birmingham and the Black Country, to the remote rolling fields of Leicestershire and Warwickshire.

Much of the industry is now gone, Birmingham, reputed to have 'more canals than Venice', has used its canals to bring the city alive with places to walk and eat, and what were once coal mining areas have 'greened over' remarkably.

The network is packed with fascinating places to explore, like literary Stratford upon Avon and its theatre,  historic Warwick and its castle and the swish shops of Leamington Spa. 

Hotelboat waterway cruises in the English Midlands in 2022

We will add more 2022 cruises as we get the information from the Hotelboats.

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